Beginning room prepares for fermentation
with the power of nature

Fresh ingredients obtained from clean zones are extracted from effective materials

for fermentation in an optimal environment without
any artificial additives.

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Beginning room guide

beginning room map
beginning room map
  • Fermentation plan containing plant materials
  • Raw material jars display
  • Natural fermentation label
Beginning Room

Low-temperature beginning room that infuses the plant extract liquid for 7 days at 4 °C

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Beginning Room
The space where
natural fermentation begins

Raw materials conceived from the land all over the country.

This is a space where the materials live
and breathe before their vitality is maximized.

Energy of life boosted by LG H&H's natural fermentation technology

Fermentation science that promotes the energy of life of raw materials

is the fruit of LG H&H’s unique and artisanal natural fermentation approach.

Promoting energy of life Raw material in jars

The slow-filling vitality of fermentation without
the addition of human force or artificial additives;
the fermented plants are obtained from a clean zone,
and the active ingredients of the plants are
extracted under a low-temperature condition at 4 ℃.

Time for natural fermentation to proceed For 7 days at 4 ºC

Plant fluid is extracted from the low-temperature
beginning room where life breathes.
Under low-temperature conditions, the liquid component
contained in the plant and the symbiotic bacteria present
in the plant are ejected together.

After 1 week, they are ready for fermentation.

Fermentation process
in terms
of the raw material

Plants in clean zones
Extraction of plant liquid for 7 days
Fermentation according
to the natural time course
We do not rush the process
of plant liquid extraction

but rather wait according to the natural time course.

Using sugar obtained from beets without adding artificial additives,
the material is ready for fermentation within 1 week.
The concentration of active ingredients
in plants grown on the ground gradually increases.

The value
of natural


Harnessing the beliefs and souls of artisans who have studied natural fermentation for a long time.


We cherish the unconditional gift of “fermentation” that nature has

given to us.


The wisdom of nature that
has been passed down as part of
human history for thousands of years.


Following the silent wait for the completion of natural fermentation,

we provide the skin with products based on care and devotion.


A long period of time that is required to complete the entire fermentation process within the laws of nature.


Discover the secrets of life

that cannot be observed

with the naked eye.


Natural fermentation involving various life forms breathes life into the skin.


Just as microorganisms purify the pollution of nature, fermentation refines the exhausted skin.


We develop the hidden principle of fermentation derived from traditional experience into science with our own technology.


Researchers have devoted themselves to the study of fermentation by following the artisanal spirit to provide benefits to the skin.


The clear energy of fermentation gives your skin a more radiant glow over time.


LG H&H’s incessant efforts and devotion to “independent fermentation research” have benefits for the beauty of the skin.