Greeting room for your first encounter
with fermentation

The Center holds the wisdom of fermentation
with an extensive history of 8000 years.
Introducing the history of fermentation around the world
and the product development story of LG H&H.

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beginning room map
beginning room map
  • The history of fermentation
  • Raw material jars display
  • Charcoal for purification
  • Natural fermentation materials of su:m
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Greeting Room

Exhibition space on natural fermentation

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Greeting Room
Exhibition space on
natural fermentation
of LG H&H

The chronology, history, and technology of
LG H&H's long-serving, intensified natural
fermentation research is visualized and
embodied to convey the value of fermentation.

Fermentation history and

fermented cosmetics
development story

Natural fermentation has an 8000-year-old history,
which has contributed
to the health and beauty of humankind in various regions.
LG H&H has accumulated 30 years of knowledge
by scientifically analyzing
and developing the enlightening culture of fermentation.

LG H&H’s fermented cosmetics, developed with a focus on various
fermentation techniques that have been proven throughout history,
contain the secret of natural fermentation that promotes the innate beauty of the skin.

has developed along with human culture Fermentation

Fermentation has existed in people's lives long
before the process was understood.
With the help of human wisdom, the fortuitous
discovery of fermentation in nature has been
developed into various cultures in each country.

materials represent the early focus of a scientific
approach to fermentation

Fermented food was considered to be the secret to
longevity and beautiful youth.
We are researching fermented cosmetics to solve “aging,”
as the eternal question of cosmetic research,
by confirming the efficacy of fermentation
through various fermentation techniques that
have been proven throughout world history.

was developed by combining modern science
with natural fermentation

The name su:m37 is derived from the Korean word

“sum,” which means the breath of life, and 37°C,
which is the optimal temperature for fermentation
and maturation.

Researching natural fermentation
in the clean region of Hokkaido

Fermented energy is created slowly and deliberately.
LG H&H's fermentation technology delivers the value
of the energy of life from a clean, natural environment.

that contains the energy of life of nature Fermentation jar

After a waiting period to reach the stage of the highest vitality, plant raw materials

are carefully selected and placed in a breathing fermentation vessel,
respiration similar to that of humans,
for the fermenting
microorganisms to go through another fermentation process.

minimizes external polluting microorganisms Charcoal

The floor is covered in charcoal to enable fermentation with the power of nature,
accepting the power of the purified earth.

according to LG H&H’s own natural fermentation standard Selected fermentation ingredients

Plants with strong energy grown in clean zones are selected for all materials.

We develop products by selecting raw materials based on strict criteria
and applying the optimal conditions for natural fermentation
to produce the best efficacy.

  • The establishment of the Microbiome Center