Microbiome Center

in Otaru, Hokkaido: a clean zone

We perform research in the clean region of Hokkaido with care and patience to obtain products

after a long wait through natural fermentation, a process that harnesses the natural energy of life.


Clear water where fermenting microorganisms
can be active

Clean air with less influence of fine dust and harmful bacteria

Temperature and humidity for optimal natural fermentation

Nutrient-rich plant materials grown in clean soil

Hokkaido is the best place for natural fermentation


a clear and clean natural environment

In Otaru, a port city where the blue sea and clean mountains harmonize,

LG H&H established the Microbiome Center for global research on natural fermentation.


Japan’s northernmost pristine area with a
short history of modernization
(around 150 years): an unspoiled
natural environment with undiscovered
infinite possibilities.

A place that holds infinite possibilities to bring out
the best effects optimized for natural fermentation, including the vast meadows and seas, clear mountains, and clean air that can only be found in Hokkaido.

This is why the LG H&H research team chose Hokkaido
to pursue state-of-the-art research on natural fermentation.

microbimoe center testing room


Natural fermentation

that has been
protected for 40 years

Hokkaido has a deep history of protecting natural fermentation using plant enzymes since ancient times.
In cooperation with KELP, a company specializing in plant enzymes that has been insisting on natural fermentation without moving locations for 40 years (two generations), we have combined Japanese traditional natural fermentation techniques with LG H&H’s proprietary fermentation technology to develop better plant-fermented raw materials for the skin.


KELP’s traditional fermentation technology
with a 40-year history of plant-fermented enzyme solutions


The spirit of artisanship that has been maintained
for two generations to manufacture certain fermented plants


The know-how of artisans translated to the distribution of 55 types of plants and multi-level stacking of raw materials


Reinterpretation of

natural fermentation

through modern science

For the purpose of pursuing beauty and health, the concept of fermentation
has been scientifically developed through advances in

LG H&H is developing optimal fermented materials and cosmetics to strengthen skin damaged by aging through research on fermentation that incorporates modern science and exploring traditional fermentation methods from around the world.

Latest natural fermentation research

We share technical information through collaborative relationships with
research institutes located in Hokkaido, and deepen natural fermentation research that incorporates modern microbial science.

Strengthening global competitiveness

We reinterpret natural fermentation and develop global fermented materials by combining traditional Japanese techniques with modern science and technology.

Globalization of natural fermentation

We are moving toward enhancing the beauty of the world through the development of differentiated technologies and raw materials
with the localization of global natural fermentation.

Our goal is to impress customers
with fermentation technology

Based on a clean nature, we are performing
state-of-the-art research
here in search
of the essence of beauty and health
while harnessing
the infinite possibilities of fermentation.

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