Testing room that deepens research
on natural fermentation

The testing room introduces the accumulated fermentation technology of LG H&H,
and is also a space
where fermentation ingredients and
product materials that are good for the skin are developed through active research.

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Testing room guide

beginning room map
beginning room map
  • LG H&H fermentation research and future technology introduction
  • Introduction of fermented active ingredients that are favorable for the skin
  • Conference table
  • Clean bench
  • Experimental tools
Testing Room

A space for natural fermentation research

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Testing Room
A space to study

the secrets of natural fermentation

This is a space where the accumulated fermentation
technology data of LG H&H is displayed,
and experiments for fermentation research
are conducted to study anti-skin aging materials.

LG H&H’s countless research on fermentation

We are continuously conducting research by combining the tradition of

fermentation with the modern technology of dermatology.

Through countless
numbers of experiments,

the results of the accumulated fermentation technology
can be seen throughout the research space.

The present and
future of natural fermentation research

The data reveal the fermentation technological
accumulated by LG H&H, along with the present performance
and future potential of fermentation research.

Fermentation research of LG H&H and future technology

Fermentation research

that realizes anti-skin aging

Low molecularization

Fermenting microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and yeast convert plant nutrients into low-molecular-weight forms that are easy to absorb.

Enhanced efficacy

Smaller particles are better absorbed by the skin and are more effective.


Plants are fermented with microorganisms with excellent human safety.

Enriched with
nutrients by

fermenting enzymes

Active ingredients in the
that increase
after fermentation

low-molecular-weight organic acids
amino acids

Research area

Developing cosmetics with a fermentation concept
that integrates past traditions and experiences
with modern technology

Microbiome research

Launch of various products based on microbiome technology

Research on fermented plants

Development of products reflecting 86 types of plant-fermented
liquids applied with natural fermentation technology

Research on traditional fermentation technology

Applying excellent efficacy to products by reinterpreting the
fermentation technology of the past with a modern approach

Skin microbiome research, which explores various microorganisms present in the skin,
is the latest skin science field in which global cosmetic companies, including LG H&H, are competing.

Here in Hokkaido, we plan to continue to develop fermentation and microbiome materials
and technologies in cooperation with local Japanese companies and university research institutes.