A long, dedicated wait

The long wait, care, and time required within the laws of nature, created through 30 years of fermentation research
and fermentation science, completes the entire process of fermentation.

This patience is possible because of our understanding of the amazing power of natural fermentation.

Natural fermentation process that contains
the energy of life of nature depending on time

Harnessing the energy
of life

We have collected 80 types of plants from clean zones that contain the vitality of the earth, select only the parts with the best efficacy, and wait for fermentation to be completed in a clear and deep way with dedication and patience.

With the purification of charcoal, plants breathe according to the rhythm of nature. It is important to wait until the vitality of the slow process of fermentation is intact without the addition of human strength or artificial additives.

With daily devotion

Fermented plants enriched with the power of nature for a long time
will fill your skin deep down with abundant energy.


Thirty years of
fermentation science

LG H&H’s fermentation technology is used to make
products that are beneficial to the skin.


Fermented cosmetics that deliver nature

to the skin in the original form

We study natural fermentation with devotion
365 days, every day of the year.

Mission Y

Based on more than 30 years
of yeast research knowledge and
using plant fermentation liquid
ingredients from clean zones

Exclusive yeast extract, active T yeast extract,
active M lactic acid bacteria extract,
natural plant fermented extract, and four fermented ingredients
bring out the energy to achieve moist and beautiful skin.
Mission Y

Falling in love with the enzyme and loving your skin, even after 10 years, defines Mission Y.

Enzyme from yeast, one of the representative fermenting microorganisms,
is formulated to create beautiful skin.

The "Y" in MISSION Y stands for yeast, young, and you.

su:m 37˚
su:m 37˚

Natural fermentation
and modern science are
combined for perfection

Naturally fermented products result in
deep changes to the skin, making it clear
and smooth with healthy vitality and
long-lasting radiance.

Fermentation is completed over a long time
within the boundaries of the laws of nature.
su:m 37˚

sum contains the wonders of life.

":" reflects the waiting time for fermentation,

and "37 °" reflects the optimum temperature (37 °C)

for fermentation and maturation.