Microbiome Center

The Microbiome Center is located in Otaru, Hokkaido, a clean area.

Research on natural fermentation is performed at the Microbiome Center

through the production of raw materials and the development of fermented materials.

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Floor plan

At the Microbiome Center, fermented plant
that have been fermented for more
than 1 year and
fermented cosmetics from
LG Household & Health (LG H&H)
Care are available for customers to experience.

  • Greeting
    View the chronology, history, and technology of the long-serving, intensified natural fermentation research of LG.
  • Testing
    In this research space, you can see the current performance and future potential of fermentation research accomplished through countless numbers of experiments.
  • Beginning
    This is a place where clean plant ingredients are used as starter materials for fermentation without any additives, representing a space where the secret of natural fermentation begins.
  • Fermenting
    It is a space that shows the process by which strictly selected plants undergo fermentation and maturation for 1 year, and the subsequent production of effective fermentation ingredients.
Microbiome Center

A space where fermentation energy

360° VR Tour
Microbiome Center
Microbiome Center
June 2021

The Microbiome Center was built in Otaru,

a historic port city in Hokkaido,

at the northernmost
pristine region of Japan.

This is the center where LG H&H’s fermentation

research has begun anew.

Natural fermentation technology inherited from traditional methods
Integration of LG H&H’s knowledge
from over 30 years of experience and
Japan’s developed fermentation technology
Beginning of new research programs to strengthen global competitiveness
Where research on natural fermentation is achieved
This is the Hokkaido
Microbiome Center.


For a more beautiful future,

we conduct fermentation research to promote

the beauty of customers worldwide.

Global platform

With the vitality of nature transmitted to the skin,

we are building a global research platform

for natural fermentation.

  • Research on naturally fermented plant raw materials

    Researching traditional Japanese plant enzymes and developing effective ingredients for the skin based on regional traditions.

  • Microbiome & metabolite research

    We develop natural fermentation-based materials by discovering microbiome dynamics and effective ingredients.

  • Skin efficacy

    Research on skin efficacy by discovering the active ingredients of naturally fermented materials in collaboration with research institutes located in Hokkaido.

  • Establishment of a strain library
    within the Center

    We secure our own strains that produce raw materials for fermentation and we are building a library of strains showing skin efficacy from traditional Japanese fermentation sources.

  • Collaboration with raw material companies in Japan

    We have established a natural fermentation production system, which is used to share technical information.

  • Global research platform

    We are building a global network to
    expand the fermentation concept specialized for each country.

Future research activities
    You can see the clean sky and the sea at a glance The Microbiome Center
    • June 2019

      Center establishment planning and research

    • June 2021

      Center completed

    • July 2021

      LG Household & Health Care
      fermentation exhibition and research

    VR Showroom Tour

    You can view the interior space

    of the Microbiome Center in 360° VR.

    360° VR Tour
    Contact us

    〒047-0001 19-25 Wakatake-cho,

    Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan

    13-minute walk from the north square exit
    of Otaru-Chikko Station on the JR Hakodate Main Line

    TEL +81-(0)13-421-2230 FAX +81-(0)13-421-2231

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