Fermenting room
fermentation energy is alive

We develop carefully selected fermented materials through thorough management

after undergoing a 1-year aging process at 37 °C.
You can experience
the advantages of LG H&H products that were developed
with natural fermentation technology.

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Fermenting room guide

beginning room map
beginning room map
  • Exhibition and display of representative products
  • 10 types of representative fermentation materials
  • Wall display of products
  • Charcoal that minimizes external pollutants
  • Oak barrels that breathe at a constant temperature of 37 ºC
Fermenting Room

A space displaying products containing ingredients that are fermented and aged at a constant temperature of 37 °C

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Fermenting Room
A space where
natural fermentation
is completed

This is a space that shows the process in which carefully
selected plants go through a fermentation and maturation
period of 1 year to produce the effective fermentation ingredients.

The fermenting room is where the extracts obtained
in the beginning room are fermented
and aged for 1 year at 37 ºC.

Follow nature’s order

going against time

We devote a long, deliberate period of time to reach

the essence of natural fermentation according to nature’s order.

that breathes slowly for a long time Fermentation vessel

Fermentation proceeds for 1 year, as yeast and lactic acid
bacteria are vigorously active in a wooden
barrel that breathes at a constant temperature of 37 ℃.

Beyond the fermentation period of 365 days a year,
fermentation continues for up to 3 to 10 years
to develop fermented microorganisms with excellent efficacy and ingredients that are good for the skin.

where the external environment is thoroughly
controlled and where life breathes.
A storage space

Thorough management is important because the fermentation
process is carried out only with plants and fermenting microorganisms obtained from nature.
It should be confirmed that a constant temperature can be
maintained for 24 hours for the fermented ingredient
to be reborn, and the optimum temperature for fermentation
and aging should be maintained.

On the floor filled with charcoal, as a purification material,
we can carefully observe the change in fermentation energy
fueled by the power of nature.

used to manufacture fermented cosmetics Ten representative fermented ingredients

Representative medicinal materials used to manufacture the raw material of

Ferm-theriaca used in su:m37 LosecSumma products are displayed.

The fruit of natural fermentation obtained
with the power of time

You can find cosmetics from LG H&H that contain
that have been fermented and aged for 1 year at a constant temperature of 37 ºC.

su:m37 Centenica
su:m37 Centenica

Premium fermented cream made with 100-year-old fermented ingredients and ancient fermented secret recipes

su:m37 LosecSumma
su:m37 LosecSumma

The essence of fermented cosmetics developed with our own core ingredients and technology

su:m37 Secret
su:m37 Secret

Contains Cyto-Ferm, the essence of natural fermentation, to enhance the skin’s natural strength

su:m37 Water-full
su:m37 Water-full

A moisturizing cosmetic that contains the rich nutrition of yihwagok yeast culture

Mission Y
Mission Y

Fermented cosmetic containing plant fermented extract ingredients of Hokkaido